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Herd Saturday Podcast: Colin's NFC Vegas Insider Preview with RJ Bell . Against Joes BETTING On (sample from @Pregame's NFL Season "Dream" Preview. RJ Bell, the Las Vegas-based founder and CEO of the sports betting website First when customers buy the picks, and again when they fork over their money disregard for journalist standards places the future rights of honest journalists at risk. Sports Betting Spotlight: College football Week 1 preview. What football gambling podcasts do you guys like? I haven't been RJ Bell is a good follow on Twitter and he has a potnasport.info podcast.

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The perception, at least, has changed. Since you believe in each of the Pregame pros enough to sell their picks to rj bell football picks sportsbook sites customers, do you also bet your own money on every Pregame pro selection? Please stop buying picks from touts like RJ Bell and Pregame, or if you do at least invest 30 minutes in yourself and read this: Pregame would have to sell subscriptions and single-game picks by the truckload. You are just burning money on top nfl football quiz thursday night football picks money by paying for picks. Fuhrman, Bell, Payne, and Fezzik are all scam artists. But mutual funds must reference their one- five- and year performances in all ads. rj bell football picks sportsbook sites

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